Our local business community

TANGGapp is proud to help businesses in the Philippines receive payments from customers in the U.S.! Learn more about our partners below and help spread Filipino craftsmanship around the world.

Flutter Statement Jewelry

Handcrafted by Katrina Ong and her team of skilled Filipinas, Flutter is trailblazing the fashion industry with pieces featured in New York Fashion Week, Harper’s Bazaar, and more! Flutter makes showpieces with heart, time capsules with love, and collectibles with tales to tell.

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Lola Weavers

Own a piece of Filipino history and culture handwoven by the lolas (elders) of Abra’s Tinguian Tribe. Purchase a weave today and share the craftsmanship of Lola Weavers with the world! 

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The Loom Project

Preserve the vanishing art of Filipino weaving! The Loom Project works with indigenous communities from Abra to Negros to produce handmade, sustainable fashion that blends modernity with tradition.

The Chocolate Chamber

Sip, savor, and share the finest Filipino chocolate crafted by the Chocolate Queen, Raquel T. Choa. TCC has catapulted the chocolate-making scene in the Philippines to the world stage, garnering international recognition for its creations.