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Security is our top priority

On TANGGapp, your money transfers are always safe.


Authentication & Encryption

From identity verification to data encryption, our technology keeps your money and information protected.


Transaction Insurance

We will thoroughly investigate unauthorized transactions, and provide compensation once proven eligible.


Customer Support

Every support request is handled by a real human. We will strive to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.
Have questions about specific features? Check out our FAQ page.

Make sure you're covered

Find out what is and isn't covered under our payment insurance.



  • Unauthorized transactions, when proven eligible, are covered. Beware: sharing a PIN or OTP means you are authorizing a transaction. Real TANGGapp team members will never ask for this information.
  • Failed transactions, where upon investigation, the funds were not successfully transferred or the transfer amount is incorrect and is not due to personal misuse.


Not Covered

  • Fraud or scams where the user has sent funds and the recipient does not deliver on promised goods or services. Learn about common scams.
  • Any transactions authorized by the user. This also includes instances where the user has shared their PIN and OTP with other individuals.
IMPORTANT: Transactions authorized by the user are not eligible for refunds. It is extremely important to protect yourself against potential fraud and scams. If you're unsure if you're covered, contact our support team.


How to report an issue

If you have an issue with your account or transaction, follow these steps to make a report to our support team.
Number 1
File your report as soon as possible, ideally within 14 days.
Number 2
Fill out our support request form, select the appropriate category, and provide details.
Number 3
Depending on your concern, be prepared to share the following information:
  • Money transfers: the transaction ID listed on the receipt.
  • Credit/debit card transactions: the last four digits of the card.
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