The TANGGapp Community

We are committed to bridging together people and organizations who share a mission of supporting Filipinos everywhere. Today, thousands of Filipinos use TANGGapp to send their remittances, purchases, and donations in an easier, faster, and cheaper way!

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Local business partners

TANGGapp supports local Filipino businesses by helping them receive payments from the U.S.
We are proud to support organizations like Lola Weavers who share Filipino craftsmanship and culture with the world!

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Non-profit partners

TANGGapp helps non-profits in the Philippines receive donations from the U.S. We know how important every dollar is for non-profits like Bliss Foundation, so we're proud to provide them with the best exchange rates and low fees.

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TANGGapp Community in Action

Shop & TANGGapp Pop-up Event
September 9, 2022 

The TANGGapp Community gathered on September 9, 2022 for our first Shop and TANGGapp pop-up! The event was a great success with visitors from all over New York City. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with likeminded people passionate about supporting the Philippines and learn about our community partners. Many used TANGGapp to purchase items from our business partners.

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What our community says

"I would highly recommend this app to friends, especially to users based in the U.S. Since TANGGapp offers a user-friendly interface and lower charges for transactions in comparison to other remittance services.

This is the most budget friendly and fastest app for people to send money from the U.S. to the Philippines."

Picture of Princess Delos Angeles

Princess Delos Angeles

Streets to Schools, Ilocos

“I have worked with almost all remittance services from Western Union, Remitly, to Xoom and what makes TANGGapp different from the rest is the real time exchange rate and amazing customer service. The ease and convenience of sending money back home through TANGGapp gives me much comfort and confidence that I never experienced with other services.

I always recommend that my friends here in the U.S. and the Philippines download TANGGapp, too!”

Default profile picture of Ina


TANGGapp Community Partner, NYC

"Sobrang bilis lang din and sobrang dali lang din ung mga - how to use TANGGapp, hindi siya mahirap lalo na ung mga instructions sobrang madali maintindihan. Ini-encourage po namin kayo na magdownload po ng TANGGapp at gamitin po ito sa pagsend po ng inyong mga remittance.

Just download TANGGapp na rin po at gamitin po natin!"

Picture of Ruel Visca

Ruel M. Visca

Hope in a Box, Romblon

Interested in joining the TANGGapp Community?

Are you an overseas worker, local business or nonprofit interested in joining the TANGGapp Community? Email, our Community Relations Specialist, and let us know why you want to be a member.