Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about TANGGapp? Read below to learn more!

How do I apply my referral reward?

For users who SEND money on TANGGapp: 
1. Send money on TANGGapp like you normally do
2. On Confirm Details, click "Apply" (see example below) 
3. Success! You've sent an additional $10 on your transaction

For users who RECEIVE money on TANGGapp: 
You will automatically receive the ₱500 reward the next time someone sends money to you. Additionally, you can ask someone to transfer money to your account by sending them a money request on TANGGapp!

Want to earn more money? 
Keep inviting friends to TANGGapp by sharing your unique referral code. Every time your friend uses your code when sending or receiving their first money transfer, you earn $10 or ₱500 in rewards.